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Which is more beneficial: distance education or regular education?

A-Regular education is definitely the best in comparison to distance learning for any particular course as it helps in getting practical knowledge about the subject but, presently distance courses from the reputed university carries the same weightage as the regular education. But working professionals who are looking for courses that will offer them further job promotions are unable to get themselves enrolled in the regular courses due to lack of time on weekdays because of office work, thus they can opt for the distance education courses where they can complete a degree that will be helpful for the working professionals in getting promotions and also growing ahead in their career.

Distance education is almost similar to a regular education because-

1.Both the degrees distance, as well as regular degree, have the same weightage but the fee for a regular degree is much higher as compared to distance education.

2.In distance learning as there is no boundation for attending classes on time, your studying schedule can be flexibly suited to your comfort thus you can manage time according to your requirements.

3.You can learn while you are earning. In distance learning, as you do not need to attend the classes you can continue your jobs along with upscaling your education.

4.In distance learning along with continuing your job you can increase your knowledge and upgrade your skills in the field which will help you in job promotions and future growth.

5.You can also opt for any distance learning course if you are willing to switch your job either for promotion or looking for a job in a different sector.

6.If you are willing to go for higher education after post-graduation like a Ph.D., the degree of distance education course is valid for that also

7.The degree of distance course from a valid and recognized university is also valid if you are willing to apply for government services.

8.If you are willing to go abroad for further studies or jobs you can go there on the basis of a distance degree, but you have to make sure that the degree must be from a recognized university and must have all the approvals from government bodies like UGC, DEB, and AIU ETC.

9.It basically saves time, money, and energy along with giving you opportunities for job promotions.

10.You can complete your projects and assignments at flexible hours according to your comfort

11.You can do the online correspondence course from any university of your choice from India or from abroad this gives you the flexibility of choosing the university that you prefer the most.

12.It’s easily accessible to all through online classes, different online resources, virtual classrooms, video conferencing with the particular subject lecturer, study materials provided at the right time, and so on.

13. The increased use of the internet presence has facilitated distance education in many ways.