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What is the difference between an Executive MBA and a Distance MBA?

An Executive MBA program teaches leadership and innovation and is aimed at senior professionals and entrepreneurs. The Executive MBA passed out students develop well-rounded, internationally recognized skills to grow their organizations, harness technological advances, and anticipate change. An executive MBA is pursued mostly by working professionals having experience of more than 3-4 years and e-MBA students usually continue their jobs along with the studies a person opting for this course requires work experience and knowledge in the management field. In the Executive-MBA, a student can be in direct touch with the teachers and his batchmates for doubt clearing sessions, video lectures, etc. Opting for this course the student becomes limited to attend colleges in local areas that are nearby. Different institutes offer different durations of an executive-MBA with a minimum of 15-18 months.

A distance MBA is also pursued by the working professionals as well as the other regular students. The working professionals opting for distance education need not fulfill any specific job experience requirement. Working professionals opting for it have the freedom of learning at their own space and comfort, at flexible timings but in distance, the student cannot have direct contact with the teachers for doubt clearing or with any other batch mates, also a person is given the required study material of a course and they learn and prepare everything by himself. The duration of a distance MBA is a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 4years.

For working professionals with experience, the Executive-Mba is of greater value as compared to the distance MBA.