master in library science

M.LIB - Master of Library Science

M.LIB (Master of Library Science)

Library science is an interdisciplinary field which involves the study of principles
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master in commerce - Master Of Commerce (Master Of Commerce)

Masters of Commerce or MCom is a post graduate level course ideal for candidates
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Master of Science in Computer Applications is a postgraduate Science course.
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master of arts

MA - Master Of Arts

Master Of Arts

CAREER POTENTIALS Masters of Arts is a graduate course which further expands the understanding
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MCA - Master in Computer Applications

MCA - Master in Computer Applications

The Masters in Computer Applications program focuses on providing theoretical
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MBA - Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

An MBA in HR Management is a post-graduation program in Human Resource.
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MBA IT management

MBA - IT Management

MBA IT Management

An MBA in Information Technology is a post-graduation program in business administration.
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enterprenurship management

MBA - Entrepreneurship Management

MBA Entrepreneurship Management

MBA in Entrepreneurship course provides knowledge to students on how to enhance successful entrepreneurs.
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MBA Finance

MBA - Finance

MBA Finance

An MBA in Finance is a post-graduation program in Financial Management.
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MBA Marketing

MBA - In Marketing

MBA In Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of any business and without adequate forms of Marketing,
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MBA digital Marketing

MBA - In Digital Marketing

MBA In Digital Marketing

This course is a 2-year program which also includes the creativity of developing
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energy management

MBA - In Energy Management

MBA In Energy Management

MBA in Energy Management provides a student with the outstanding features of functional areas
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rural management

MBA - in Rural Management

MBA In Rural Management

An MBA in Rural Management empowers an individual to
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media management

MBA - In Media Management

MBA In Media Management

MBA in Media Management is a 2-year post-graduation course divided into 4 semesters
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project management (1)

MBA - In Project Management

MBA In Project Management

An MBA in project management is a post-graduate program specialized in project management.
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Hospital management

MBA - In Hospital Management

MBA In Hospital Management

An MBA in Hospital Management puts an individual right in the pulse of the growing.
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international business management (1) - Copy

MBA - In International Business

MBA In International Business

The objective of the course is to help understand in-depth the foreign trade management
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information technology

MBA - In Information Technology

MBA In Information Technology

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Information Technology
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operations management

MBA - In Operations Management

MBA In Operations Management

Operations management is the process of creating the highest
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Hospitality & Hotel management

MBA - In Hospitality Management

MBA In Hospitality Management

An MBA in Hospitality Management empowers an individual to take on leadership and management roles
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supply chain management

MBA - In supply chain management

MBA In Supply Chain Management

MBA in Supply Chain Management is a post-graduate program.
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fire protection n safety management

MBA - Fire Protection & Safety Management

Fire Protection & Safety Management

The duration of the program of study is two years. The program will comprise subjects such as Fire Safety,
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