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Jan 31, 2022

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Designed for Working Professionals

15+ Case Studies and Assignments

Executive PG Programme from IIIT Bangalore & Alumni Status

Student Support is available 7 days a week, 24*7

Career mentorship Sessions(1:1)

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Just-in-Time Interviews

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6 Practical Hands-on Capstone Projects

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Executive PG Programme from IIIT Bangalore

Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this prestigious recognition from IIITB with a specialization in any of the following: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Engineering


  • Connect with a global network of accomplished IIITB Alumni
  • Widely recognized and valued Executive PG Programme in Data Science
  • Network with Data Science professionals across all industries

Joint Participation Certificate

India’s 1st EPGP Aligned to SSC

NASSCOM Competency Standards

Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this joint participation certificate from upGrad and FutureSkills NASSCOM


  • India’s 1st Executive PGP aligned to competency standards developed by NASSCOM in collaboration with industry and approved by Government
  • Only Executive PGP ensuring Job readiness in the industry since Day 1


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions.
  • Python Programming
Python for Data Science
Data Visualisation in Python
Python Assignment (Optional)
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualization
  • Intro to ML + Understanding the ML pipeline
  • Introduction to Cloud
  • Elastic Provisions of cloud and setting up cloud
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to HDFS
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Hive Querying
  • Case Study
  • Assignment
  • Introduction to Spark
  • PySpark Programming
  • PySpark implementation on a Dataset: ALS & Spark Streaming
  • Assignment
  • Data Modelling
  • SQL Best Practices
  • SQL Assignment: IMDb Movies
    Advanced Excel
  • NoSQL Databases and Best Practices
  • Introduction to Big Data and Cloud
  • Hive and Querying
  • Hive Case Study
  • Visualisation using Tableau
  • Sports Analytics – IPL Visualisation Assignment
  • Visualization using PowerBI
  • Visualization using Plotly
  • Data Storytelling
  • Plotly Case Study
  • Capstone Project
  • Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis
  • Testing
  • Linear Regression – I
  • Linear Regression – II
  • Logistic Regression
  • Assignment
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forest Trees
  • Assignment
  • Principal Component Analysis + Linear Algebra
  • Clustering
  • Introduction to Neural Nets with TensorFlow
  • Convolution Neural Networks
  • Melanoma Detection Assignment
    Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing Fundamentals
  • Case Study on applications of Deep Learning in NLP
  • Case Study on Computer Vision
    NN Assignment: Gesture Recognition
  • Deployment
  • Implementation: Regression + Model Selection on SageMaker

Benefits with upGrad

Strong 360 Degree Career Support services, Personalised Mentorship from Industry Experts, Hands-on Projects & Hackathons, Peer Networking opportunities & a whole lot more to help you master Machine Learning & AI.

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Admission Process

Online Eligibility Test

Fill out an application and take a short 45 mins Online test with 8 questions.

Review & Shortlisting of Suitable Candidates

Our faculty will review all applications. Following this, a virtual interview will be conducted before offer letters will be rolled out so you are assured a great peer group to learn and network with.


Make a quick block payment with assistance from our loan partners where required, receive immediate access to the prep content and begin your upGrad journey.

Programme Fee – Indian Residents

Starting at Rs 11,984 /month*
Programme Price 4,99,000 (incl. taxes). No cost EMI options available..

Student ReviewsKunwar Alok 

For the thesis – In the initial 2 months, LJMU professors teach us about scientific research and it’s methodologies, the do’s and don’ts.

Angshuman Mukherjee

upGrad learner, 15 Years Experience

An M.Sc. degree will not only give you an edge over other but also enables you to prepare yourself for the job market.

Samarjit Adhikari

Analyst,, Nice

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this programme is for me?

This programme is for you if you are a:

Data Scientist or Senior Data Analyst: If you are comfortable with data wrangling, have implemented statistical or machine learning models in the past, or if you have any prior experience as a working professional. You should also have some experience with R/Python/Scala.

Statistician: If you received formal education in statistics or mathematics or if you have any prior working experience. 

Data Engineer/Big Data Engineer: If you have any prior experience in creating data pipelines/handling data warehouses and you have created ETL procedures. In addition, you should be familiar with various frameworks and tools like Hadoop and Spark.

Software Developer: If you have prior experience on creating and deploying software/apps, you are comfortable with object-oriented programming and know C/C++/Java/Python or a similar language.

How will this programme benefit me?

The programme will benefit you in different ways depending on your prior experiences:

Data Scientist or Senior Data Analyst: The programme will familiarise you with the advancements in ML and AI. It will also help you understand the mathematics behind algorithms and how you can modify them to suit your needs so that you can transition to a Senior Data Science or Machine Learning role.

Statistician/Mathematician: Apart from familiarising you with the advancements in ML and AI, the programme will help you understand how to define a structured approach to solve a business problem, and equip you with the right tools so that you can transition to a Machine Learning or Data Science role.

Data Engineer/Big Data Engineer: The programme will set up a solid foundation of Statistics, Machine Learning, and AI along with problem-solving skills so that you can solve enterprise-level problems. It will build upon your existing knowledge of various tools to make you a Full-Stack Machine Learning or Data Science professional.

Software Developer: The programme will help you create a strong foundation of Statistics, Machine Learning, and Business Understanding. It will leverage your existing knowledge of programming and expand the technologies you are familiar with so that you can become a well-rounded Machine Learning professional.

What is this programme intended to do?

This programme intends to produce extremely well-rounded data scientists and AI professionals with deep knowledge of mathematics, expertise in relevant tools/languages, and understanding of cutting-edge algorithms and applications.

What can I expect out of this programme?

This programme is designed for working professionals looking to pick up skills in advanced concepts like Reinforcement Learning, Graphical Models, NLP, Deep Learning along with a solid foundation of Statistics. This programme demands consistent work and time commitment over the entire duration of 18 Months.

What should I NOT expect from this programme?

This programme is NOT intended to serve as an entry point to the field of Data Science. It is aimed at developing professionals who can be absorbed into Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning/AI roles. Our Master’s Degree in Machine Learning Programme is aimed at facilitating the transition of professionals to the Machine Learning field.

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