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Is Distance Education worth it?

The scope of distance learning is increasing day by day because of the prevailing situations and rapidly changing demand in the corporate industry. For growth in any field, people need to learn and stay updated with all the new technological developments to keep pace with changes. Distance education gives a sense of freedom to a person as compared to the regular course.

Any course completed from a university in distance is valid, most importantly, your degree must come from a reputed university that is recognized worldwide with all the mandatory government recognitions to continue his job along with pursuing education for future growth in the desired field.

Sometimes it also depends upon the type of course that we are conferring to because certain courses can’t be done by distance education such as LLB, BTech, etc as these courses require practical knowledge of the specific field. A valid degree in the distance is acceptable in every field like for getting MNC jobs in India as well as abroad, job promotions, etc. Sometimes it depends upon the profile you are applying for. Presently an interviewee is judged mainly based on an experience he had and his quality of work but few times a degree is required for job promotions.

Multinationals like Accenture, IBM, etc don’t ask about where you get your graduation from. As long as you can perform, provide value to your client and prove you can do the job better, you will grow like any other full-time graduate from a reputed institute. Of course, if you have graduated from a reputed institute getting into the company (without much experience) is easy as there is no other way for the company to gauge if you can do the job. But if you are experienced it doesn’t matter where you got educated 10 yrs back. What matters is whether you can do the job that is open as of today.

Apart from this, distance education has several benefits over regular education. Such as-

  • It helps in time management, students can have flexible time schedules for studying as they feel comfortable because there are no restrictions on attending class on time.
  • The fee in distance learning is very less as compared to the regular courses thus helps in saving money but both the degrees have the same weightage.
  • You can learn while you earn. You can join a distance learning course suitable for your career growth along with continuing your job.
  • This degree is also helpful in getting jobs in government organizations and a person also becomes eligible for getting jobs in huge MNC’s and also for promotion in prevailing jobs.
  • It saves a lot of time, energy, and money