Industry Webinars Upgrad - Profcyma Career Solutions LLP

How to start your career in Product Management (1hr)

Hear from Pratik Thaker, Product Manager at Google, on how you can kickstart your career in product management.

Digital Marketing for Business Leaders (1hr)

Learn how you as a business leader can approach digital marketing from Apoorv Sharma who handles Marketing Communications at Apple.

Design Thinking – innovative solutions for complex problems (1hr)

Discover how design thinking is helping to solve various complex business problems in every domain.

How to scale a business in International Markets (1hr)

Hear from Saranjit Sangar, the CEO of upGrad EMEA on scaling organizations across the world.

Becoming a modern-day Brand Manager (1hr)

Get insights from Siddharth Kapur, Business Head at Danone, on how to be a brand manager in the times of the digital consumer.