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How technology trends are affecting IT infrastructure

Predicting technology trends is a very challenging task especially at the present COVID-19
situations. Present IT professionals must move beyond the legacy practices and mindsets to
embrace trends that will profoundly impact the emerging digital technologies.
Infrastructure is becoming increasingly involved in unprecedented areas of the modern-day
enterprise and the digital infrastructure matter more than ever. Large digital transformations have
taken place in mere months in this COVID situation and this trend further will only
accelerate. Present days modern digital technologies such as automation, artificial
intelligence. IoT, ambient computing are causes for modern business infrastructure.

  1. The trends impacting the infrastructure and operation of any firm are
  2. Artificial intelligence is a Globally derived business value, which will reach heights by the near
  3. Firms must incorporate how network operations can be performed at a faster pace through AI
    and building “network agility”
  4. Closure of data center-Organizations need to create an environment that houses more agile
    infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud and data center must be shut down
  5. Edge computing-Edge computing can be utilized to decrease latency and will experience
    development to fulfill the demand for top-notch advanced digital experiences.
  6. Talent management-Firms need to collaborate with people who are technical expertise, also
    who can work horizontally across a team?
  7. The challenges faced by the IT firms to go hand in hand with the technology trends are

As Mentioned Below

1.Lack of systematic digitization strategy
2.Lack of skills
3 Internal resistance
4.Cost of transformation.