Certificate Program in Hospital & Health Care Management DY Patil

Certificate Programme in Hospital & Health Care Management

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Post Graduation Certificate


300 Hours

 About the Programme

Certificate Programme in Hospital & Health Care Management

Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth’s Centre for Online Learning is one of the best institutes offering online certificate course in hospital and health care management. We are one of the premier institutions in Pune, India offering this course via online mode.

 Program Objectives

The program objective is to develop the most-competent hospital administration professional in the field of hospital and health care administration.

The program aims to impart requisite knowledge and expertise on the concepts, operational policies and procedures etc. in operational management of various departments of hospital and health care organizations.
DPU-COL’s online certificate course in hospital and health care management aims to equip students with the right knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective leadership in a global environment. This would include the development of conceptual skills in planning, health care financing, resource planning, hospital and health care material management, research methodology, and hospital accreditation process in India.
The course is designed to increase the overall understanding of management issues and concepts to make well-informed decisions.

Like on-campus program, the distance learning certificate course in health care management is designed to prepare candidates for entry-level administrative positions in hospitals, clinics, medical offices and other facilities. During the course, you will be able to specialize in areas such as medical billing and coding, medical office administration, and health information technology.

We at DPU-COL ensures to provide a real experience to candidates which will culminate to develop high degree of conceptual, analytical skills and quality technical knowledge base among candidates and preparing them well to manage complex health care domains.

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Key Program Features

An enriching learning experience should be engaging and stimulating.



Learn how to develop workplace strategies that enhance technology and people to build sustainable ecosystems



Future workplaces are all about leveraging talent and technology optimally. Learn how to use this to transform existing synergy



Data is the foundation for decision making. Understand how to critically analyse data to produce tactical insights



Learn the art of communication and negotiation to bring about change. Understand the role of power and politics in decision-making process

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Develop your problem-solving skills in a practical way. Work on real-world projects to enhance your ability to research, analyze and generate insights

  • Bachelor’s Degree Holder
  • Graduate in any Discipline from a Recognised University or a Diploma Holders.

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We aim to prepare determined professionals to hone future focused capabilities seeked by employers across the globe so that they can accelerate their career growth to its full potential.