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Full Stack Development Certificate Program

Launch your career as a full stack developer with the latest cutting-edge curriculum from upGrad in partnership with Purdue University, one of the top 10 U.S. public universities*.

Fully Online


9 Months


March 31, 2022

Start Date

About the Program

Receive industry mentorship, dedicated career assistance, solve real business problems, and much more.

Program Advisor/Masterclass Faculty

Dr. Ruijian Zhang is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University. His research interests include: Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Database Systems, AI & Computer Architecture.

Dedicated Career Assistance

Receive 1:1 feedback on career counseling sessions & attend GitHub, Kaggle and resume building sessions.

Student Support

Student Support is available 7 days a week, 24*7. You can write to us via studentsupport@upgrad.com Or for urgent queries, use the “Talk to Us” option on the Learn platform.

Program Overview

Key Highlights

One-on-One guidance from industry mentors

450+ hours of learning

15+ live learning sessions

10+ programming tools and languages

10+ projects

Masterclasses with industry experts

24/7 student support

Resume tool and review

Top Skills You Will Learn

Programming Essentials, Web Design and Development, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Databases, API and Microservices, Test-Driven Development, Containerization, DevOps & Process Management. This will enable you to build a robust & interactive web application

Job Opportunities

Full-Stack Developer, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, UI Developer

Who Is This Programme For?

Software Developers, IT Professionals, Engineers, Analysts, Tech Support Professionals, Recent graduates wanting to kick-start a career in software development

Minimum Eligibility

Software Developers, IT Professionals, Engineers, Analysts, Tech Support Professionals, Recent graduates wanting to kick-start a career in software development

Programming Languages and Tools Covered

Full Stack Development Certificate Program

upGrad in collaboration with Purdue University

  • Earn a certificate from one of the top 10 U.S. public universities
  • Receive hands-on exposure to industry-relevant case studies and assignments
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers with a global recognition


Students learn the offensive and defensive cybersecurity skills from industry experts, including Foundations (computing and networking basics, Linux, introduction to automation)
  • Introduction to SDLC
  • Software Requirement and Specification
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Design
  • Software Implementation
  • Software Testing
  • Traditional Software Development Models
  • Modern Software Development Models
  • Deep Dive – Lean Methodology
  • Introduction to Version Control with Git
  • Git from the Command Line
  • Everyday Git Commands
  • Git for Collaboration
  • Coffee-Hut – Capstone Project
  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Forms and Inputs
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Advanced CSS
  • Transitions and Animations
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Project
  • WakeCup – Capstone Project
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • The Absolute Fundamentals
  • Variables and Values
  • Conditional Execution
  • Functions Essentials & More
  • Loops
  • Working with Arrays
  • Working with Objects
  • All about String
  • Date and Time
  • Working with Web Pages
  • Level Up with Functions and More
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Working with Remote Data
  • The Development Toolchain
  • Configuring VSCode for Optimum Development
  • Modern JavaScript with Babel
  • Working with Parcel
  • Working with Webpack
  • Introduction to React
  • Components
  • State & Props
  • Rendering Lists
  • Components Revisited
  • Building Forms
  • Render Props & Higher Order Components
  • Portals
  • Global & Shared Data
  • Hooks in Focus
  • Routing in a React App
  • Code Splitting
  • Isomorphic React
  • State Management using Redux
  • Testing Components
  • What’s New in React 17?
  • React – Capstone Project
  • Get Started with NodeJS
  • Interactive Node with REPL
  • Modular Programming & NPM
  • Introduction to ECMAScript Modules – An Experimental Implementation
  • File System & Streams
  • Streams
  • Events
  • Network I/O
  • Web Servers & More
  • Debugging in NodeJS
  • Cluster & Worker Threads
  • Introduction to Express
  • Hello Express
  • Rendering
  • Middleware
  • Routing
  • Database Integration
  • Authentication, Controllers and APIs
  • Caching & Performance
  • Protecting Express Apps
  • Deployment
  • Truffle – Project

The upGrad Advantage

Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master Data Science

Learning Support

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More Info

Programme Fee – Indian Residents

INR 260,000 + GST

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Top companies from all around the world have recruited upGrad alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

Software Developers, IT Professionals, Engineers, Analysts, Tech Support Professionals, Recent graduates wanting to kick-start a career in software development.

What is the minimum eligibility for this program?

High school diploma or equivalent required, Bachelor’s degree completion encouraged. Hands-on experience with C++/Java/Javascript/Python, Data structures & Algorithms is recommended.

What is the admission process?

Following are the key steps in the application process:

Step 1: Complete the application

Fill out the application form with your academic and career details.

Step 2: Take the entrance test

The entrance test will test your problem-solving skills, programming skills (variables, functions, and booleans), and core Object Oriented Programming knowledge.

Step 3: Receive your offer letter and reserve your seat

Block your seat with a payment of INR 25,000 to enroll in the program. 

How much do I need to pay to reserve my seat?

You need to pay INR 25,000 to reserve your seat.

For queries, feedback & assistance

upGrad Learner Support


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