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Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing

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Program Mode


Learning Path

Post Graduation

Program Credits


Course Length

300 Hours

About the Program

Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programme

This interactive certificate program in digital marketing will help you or your team rapidly learns the fundamentals of successful digital marketing. It will guide you through how to create a structured plan to grow your business using digital marketing. It’s structured using our acclaimed RACE digital marketing planning framework which covers the full customer lifecycle. It is one of the most prominent digital marketing courses that allows you to have an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing methods so as to implement the best one in practical life.

  • Create a structured digital marketing plan and budget
  • Identify the correct measures to set objectives and evaluate digital marketing
  • Review and prioritize the strategic options for boosting customer acquisition, conversion, and retention using digital marketing
  • Understand and follow the practical success factors to improve results from digital marketing

With DPU COL’s digital marketing courses, one will be able to analyze and understand the marketing strategies for brands of various categories as per the requirements and marketing norms

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Key Program Features

An enriching learning experience should be engaging and stimulating.



Learn how to develop workplace strategies that enhance technology and people to build sustainable ecosystems



Future workplaces are all about leveraging talent and technology optimally. Learn how to use this to transform existing synergy



Data is the foundation for decision making. Understand how to critically analyse data to produce tactical insights



Learn the art of communication and negotiation to bring about change. Understand the role of power and politics in decision-making process

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Develop your problem-solving skills in a practical way. Work on real-world projects to enhance your ability to research, analyze and generate insights

Certificate Programme Fees  in Digital Marketing

Student Category Scholarship Total Fee
Indian – Civilian NA ₹ 28,000
Indian Defence / Differently Abled Tuition Fee (5 % Scholarship)  26,750
DPU Staff / Alumni Tuition Fee (15 % Scholarship)  24,250
International Students NA $ 625
  • Bachelor’s Degree Holder
  • Graduate in any Discipline from a Recognised University or a Diploma Holders.

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