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Are online degrees worth it for Career Growth

As per the current market situation, India is rapidly changing its working pattern from manual to online mode, we all are working in the digital era. At present times every company needs a knowledgeable employee who is very proficient with technology, therefore as per the market requirement, few universities are provided with the permission for offering online education in distance mode. These online courses are best suitable for those working professionals who require a higher education degree for their future career growth. The online mode of education is most suitable for students as the time of learning is flexible along with the comfort of their home, also the person can complete their higher education without dropping their job. A person can complete his degree in online mode. It will help in their career growth and eventually in achieving theirs dream.

Every company wants to hire a smart candidate who is very knowledgeable and brings some name and revenue for his company because an employer recruits the people based on employees’ knowledge not in the name of a university or percentage gained. Thus it can be concluded that knowledge is everything and the knowledge you can gain in online mode in very little time. In online education universities provide a learning management system software which you can download on your mobile phones so that you can study anytime anywhere, your daily schedule timings can be flexible for studying, at the same time the university will provide an online live lecture facility. Also, you can interact with the expert faculty and solve your doubts and queries daily. Also, the university will provide recorded video lectures, if you miss the lecture the same lecture you can see in your free time and you are free to raise a query if any. This helps in easily solving your doubts and queries and eventually enhancing your knowledge through online mode in an easy manner.

Through online education, you can save time and money. As per the government guidelines the university which is recognized by NAAC, A++ accreditations, the online degree from the same university is valid throughout the globe. Online degree is good for everyone for saving money as well as time for their career growth and fulfilling their dreams. In online education you are given LMS which has all the study material, you can continuously watch a video in LMS multiple times and understand the concept which will prove to be beneficial for your promotion and career growth. Time is Money, so if you save your time you will achieve your dream career and bank balance. Practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge, and the online mode of education is suitable for increasing knowledge.

The future of education is online. An online degree is the same as a regular degree. Online Degrees have gained momentum and importance in the Industry as even with Online Learning students are getting all that is taught at regular classroom sessions. The online degree is valid, only a few universities have the permission of providing online courses the condition is that the university you are choosing to get a degree must have the required recognitions from the government’s Departments like NAAC A++, UGC, DEB, AICTE, & AIU,&, as it increases your value as a candidate. The importance of a degree also depends on your qualifications, present position, and future requirement. If the course is suitable according to your qualifications and adds up to your qualification then it is worth it. You must be capable of converting your learnings into task completion.

Apart from these online degree has several advantages over traditional classrooms as

1.The online degree is similar to the regular degree and carries a similar weightage as a regular degree.

2.In online learning as there is no compulsion to attend classes on time your studying schedule can be flexibly suited to your comfort thus you can manage time according to your requirements.

3.Online learning gives you the flexibility of learning at any time from the comfort of your home.

4.You can have recorded lectures and online study resources which you can access at any time.

5.Online classes have the flexibility of fee payment through different modes as suitable to you.

6.The fee for a regular degree is much higher as compared to distance education.

7.You can learn while you are earning. In distance learning, as you do not need to attend the classes you can continue your jobs along with upgrading your education.

8.In online learning along with continuing your job you can increase your knowledge and improve your skills in the field which will further help you in job promotions and future growth.

9.You can also opt for any online learning course if you are willing to switch your job either for promotion or looking for a job in a different sector.

10.The degree of online courses from a valid and recognized university is useful if you are willing to apply for government services.

11.It saves time, money, and energy along with giving

12.You can complete your projects and assignments at flexible hours according to your comfort

13.You can do the online correspondence course from any university of your choice from India or from abroad this gives you the flexibility of choosing the university that you prefer the most.

14.It’s easily accessible to all through online classes, online resources, virtual classrooms, video conferencing with the particular subject lecturer, study materials provided at the right time, and so on.

15. The increased use of the internet presence has facilitated distance education in more than one way.