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We are proud to be recognized as India’s premier provider for admission to distance/online education, specializing in distance MBA programs. We understand the crucial importance of offering comprehensive guidance and clear direction to both students and working professionals at the outset of their academic journey. Our dedicated team of seasoned career counselors is committed to assisting individuals in selecting the most suitable University and Distance Learning Courses, particularly focusing on affordable online MBA programs. From application support to the attainment of degree certificates, we provide a practical and tangible approach to navigating the dynamic challenges of various industries.


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Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning

With the changing needs of society, we all need to keep continuously upgrading ourselves.


Today, the institution of Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune has created a brand name “DPU” in the field of Distance Learning.


About college-NGA-SCE NMIMS global access school for continuing education is one of the topmost distance education


About college-UpGrad began with the conviction that in an ever-changing industry, professionals need to continuously

How Profcyma helps?


Selection of university best suited for you from the top universities


Selection of the most appropriate course suited for your career growth


Student support system after getting admission


Keeping students updated about all the important events

Our Popular Courses

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MBA in Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and without adequate forms of Marketing, an enterprise cannot strive to expand its business. An MBA in Marketing helps an individual enables an individual to gather insights about the market and the consumers and use this knowledge for acquiring a new business or leads.
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MBA in Human Resource

An MBA HR Management is a post-graduation program in Human Resource. The program focuses on labour welfare, training and development, wages and salary administration and is formulated and maintained by AICTE under the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
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MBA in Operation Management

Diploma in Operational Marketing program aims to enhance innovative knowledge for ensuring that operations are carried out smoothly and accurately. It plans to aspire candidates to analyse the essential structure of organizations to deliver quality performance and effectiveness.
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MBA in Finance Management

An MBA in Finance is a post-graduation program in Financial Management. The program focuses on financial skills and is formulated and maintained by AICTE under the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
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Why Profcyma Stand Out

Empower your career through Profcyma’s Online Learning programs, strategically designed to bridge the gap between individual skills and evolving organizational needs in the rapidly growing global industrial landscape. As leaders in Distance Learning, we prioritize Quality and Relevance, embodying a ‘Customer First’ ideology to tailor certifications to your specific requirements. Join us and discover the best online learning experience, as we chart a course for your success in collaboration with the finest online universities.

We provide an extensive range of online learning programs through distance education courses, offering top-tier academic excellence from renowned universities.

We offer you proper guidance in the selection of the best Distance learning course for you with the team of our best counselors.

Our 24/7 assistance is tailored for working professionals, ensuring you stay informed about essential schedules, and offering a seamless educational experience.

These Online learning courses are specifically designed for working professionals.

We offer courses, including online MBA programs, designed to equip students with the skills needed to meet future workplace demands.

Leading provider of distance education in India. Specialized faculty are available to address subject queries at scheduled intervals.

  • Career Advancement: Online learning propels careers with flexible schedules, letting professionals upskill efficiently for success.
  • Broadened Perspective: Explore diverse subjects online, broadening your worldview through interactive and engaging learning experiences.
  • Time Management: Master time with online courses, balancing life and education seamlessly for personalized, efficient learning.
  • Personalized Education: Enjoy tailored learning experiences online, adapting to your pace and preferences for optimal educational outcomes.
  • New Technical Skills: Online learning fosters tech proficiency, ensuring you acquire and apply cutting-edge skills in a digital landscape.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect globally through online courses, fostering valuable relationships and expanding professional networks effortlessly.

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We Provide complete assistance & counseling

Attention Working Professionals! If you develop a passion for learning and want a promotion in your career no one can stop you. Various Online MBA learning programs are specifically designed for busy working professionals who want to accelerate the speed of their careers. Learn online and offline with various distance learning programs from India’s top-ranked universities for Online MBA & prepare yourself for career growth while managing your work & personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of Profcyma?
Profcyma is technology partner with Premium Institutes like DY Patil Pune We take admissions after the procedure of profile screening and provide online platform to institutes to conduct classes. The course curriculum, class schedules and certification is provided by the respective institute and Profcyma has no role to play in the same.
What if I am confused to pick the right course for my career growth?
We have a team of counsellors that help you pick the right course and grow in your respective fields.
What if I miss a class in between the course?
Don’t worry! Our in-house Learning Management System will provide you with recordings of each lecture.
Is it an online course or offline?
We offer blended learning experience for our enrolled professionals which includes campus visits and online weekend classes to help them balance their work and studies.
Is there any extra added benefit of joining Profcyma?
Yes, of course. We have come up with a slew of Profcyma , wherein one can take part in online public speaking platform and share their experiences with our audience. Also, special scholarships are provided to children who have great academic background or have represented India at any National or International level. We provide one-on-one counselling sessions to women on sabbatical help them get back in the game. Special discounts are provided to ex-servicemen or physically disabled professionals.
How do I refer my friend for any program listed on Profcyma website?
A referral shall be valid only if you refer your friend either by filling refer & earn form listed on our website or email their referral details to Profcyma Team and the referred one successfully enroll in any program.

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